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Silicon Labs

- ARM Cortex-M0+ at 48 MHz
- Ultra low energy operation, 40 uA/MHz in Energy Mode 0 (EM0)
- CAN 2.0 Bus Controller
- Hardware cryptographic engine supports AES, ECC, SHA, and TRNG
- 5 V tolerant I/O

The EFM32 Tiny Gecko MCUs are the world's most energy-friendly microcontrollers, featuring new connectivity interfaces and user interface features. EFM32TG11 includes a powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ and provides robust security via a unique cryptographic hardware engine supporting AES, ECC, SHA, and True Random Number Generator (TRNG). New features include an CAN bus controller, highly robust capacitive sensing, and LESENSE/PCNT enhancements for smart energy meters. These features, combined with ultra-low current active mode and short wake-up time from energy-saving modes, make EFM32EG1 microcontrollers well suited for any battery-powered application, as well as other systems requiring high performance and low energy consumption.

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    IRAM1 32 KiB
    IROM1 64 KiB