Arm Tools Available in vcpkg

vcpkg is a package management utility that can be used to easily build or recreate a development environment. This page lists the packages made available by Arm for installation in your environment, either through the CLI or the Arm Environment Manager extension for VS Code (available as part of the Keil Studio Pack).

Official examples from Arm come with a preconfigured vcpkg-configuration.json file. Configuration files are also created when converting .uvpmw/.uvprojx files in VS Code using the Keil Studio Pack.

To add or change a tool in your environment copy the code snippet for the package you want to install in to the requires section of your vcpkg-configuration.json file. When the file is saved newly specified packages will be downloaded and activated. Note that the code snippets provided below use the arm: namespace. If you are using a different name for the Arm registry you will need to update this in the requires section.

License Terms

Your use of an Arm tool is subject to your acceptance of the End User License Agreement for Arm Software Development Tools, located within the 'license_terms' folder of the downloaded archive. By installing and using the Arm tool, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the end user license agreement.

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