Keil Studio Cloud

Introducing Keil Studio Cloud, a browser-based IDE for IoT, ML and embedded development. Accelerate your next project with zero-installation tools, ready-to-run examples, git integration and web debugging.

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A Zero-Installation Environment That Runs in Your Browser

Keil Studio uses the latest web technology enabling you and your team to develop software from anywhere, anytime using the same standardized tooling on any host OS. Work on your project, edit code, or change the used software components - it's never been easier.

Ready-to-Run Examples

When you are in an early phase of your design, pre-built code examples let you explore different options for your target hardware.

Use the Create Project button to import the example project into your personal workspace, build, and run the project on your development board.

Web-Enabled Debugging

Using the run control debugger, you can single-step in your application, set breakpoints, examine register values, view the call stack, and check variable values.

All of this runs from your browser. Just connect the target hardware to your computer via USB and enjoy direct access to the microcontroller and its peripherals.

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Better Code with IntelliSense

Using the C/C++ language service, IntelliSense provides code completion suggestions based on language semantics and an analysis of your source code while you type. It includes code completion, parameter info, quick info, and member lists - and it knows if you have forgotten a semicolon!

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Git Integration

Direct Git integration within Keil Studio realises all the advantages of collaborative cloud-based version control without leaving your embedded development environment. Services such as GitHub offer numerous advantages, from decentralized development teams to collaboration features and issue tracking.

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Testing a Cloud Connected Application in Keil Studio

This session is part of the Arm Virtual Hardware Lab Series, introducing Arm Virtual Hardware and how it can accelerate product design by up to two years.

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