1. Devices
  2. HT32F491xx Series
  3. HT32F49153/49163
  4. HT32F49153_48LQFP


  • Core

    Cortex-M4, 150 MHz

  • Family

    HT32F491xx Series

  • Sub-Family


  • CMSIS Pack


HT32F491x3 - ARM Cortex-M4 Core
Frequency up to 150 MHz
Single-cycle multiplier and hardware divider
NVIC support 16 internal, 68 external interrupts, each has 16 priority levels

Flash size up to 256 KB
SRAM size up to 48KB

Low power management
Power saving mode: sleep,deep-sleep and standby mode
Independent battery supply for real-calendar RTC and battry powered domain register

Advanced analog peripherals
Up to 1 x 12bit ADC

Integrated peripherals interface
Up to 8 x USART/UART/Irda/LIN/ISO7816
Up to 3 x SPI
Up to 3 x I2C

On-chip resources
Up to 1 x 16 bit Advanced Timer, 1 x SysTick Timer, 8 x 16 bit GPTM, 1 x 32 bit GPTM, 2 x WDT, 1 x ERTC
5-chs DMA support: Timers, ADC, SPIs, I2Cs, USARTs
System supervisor and reset: POR,PDR,LVD
80% GPIO available
32-bit CRC, 96-bit unique ID
On-chip clock: HICK (8MHz), LICK (40KHz)

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