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Development Platform for i.MXRT1050 MCUs

  • Debug Interfaces
    JTAG/SW 20-pin Arm Standard JTAG Connector (0.1 inch connector)
    JTAG/SW 10-pin Cortex Debug Connector (0.05 inch connector)
  • Power
    Power Socket 1 x DC 5 V Coaxial Power Receptacle
  • Memory
    RAM 1 x 256 MB SDRAM
    Flash 1 x 512 MB Hyper Flash
    Flash 1 x 64 MB QSPI Flash
    SD/microSD/MMC Card Holder 1 x TF socket for SD card
  • Sensors
    Accelerometer 1 x FXOS8700CQ: Digital Motion Sensor
  • Connectors
    USB 2 x Micro USB host and OTG connectors
    Ethernet 1 x 10 Mbit/s Ethernet (10/100T) connector
    CAN 1 x CAN transceivers
    Other Connector Type 1 x Arduino interface
    Other Connector Type 1 x Parallel LCD connector
  • Audio
    Line Out 1 x 4-pole audio headphone jack
    Microphone 1 x Microphone
    Speaker 1 x External speaker connection
  • Form factor
    Custom Formfactor 100 mm x 150 mm, IMXRT1050-EVKB
  • Display
    LEDs 1 x User LED
  • Controls
    Push-buttons 4 Push-buttons: ON/OFF, 2 x Reset, User
  • Camera
    Camera 1 x Camera connector