1. Vendor
  2. AWS


  • AWS_IoT_Device_Defender AWS
    Client library for using the AWS IoT Device Defender service on embedded devices.
  • AWS_IoT_Device_Shadow AWS
    Client library for using the AWS IoT Device Shadow service on embedded devices.
  • AWS_IoT_Fleet_Provisioning AWS
    Enables you to provision IoT devices without device certificates using the Fleet Provisioning feature of AWS IoT Core.
  • AWS_IoT_Jobs AWS
    Client library for using the AWS IoT Jobs service on embedded devices.
  • AWS_IoT_Over-the-air_Update AWS
    Client library for using the AWS Over-the-air Update service on embedded devices.
  • AWS_IoT_SigV4 AWS
    library for generating authentication headers and signatures according to the specifications of the AWS Signature Version 4 signing process.
  • backoffAlgorithm AWS
    Utility library to calculate backoff period using an exponential backoff with jitter algorithm for retrying network operations (like failed network connection with server).
  • Client implementation of the HTTP/1.1 specification for embedded devices.
  • A JSON parser that strictly enforces the ECMA-404 JSON standard and is suitable for microcontrollers.
  • Client implementation of the MQTT 3.1.1 specification for embedded devices.
  • coreMQTT_Agent AWS
    The coreMQTT Agent library is a high level API that adds thread safety to the coreMQTT library.
  • Software based implementation of the PKCS #11 interface (API) to enable rapid development and flexibility when developing applications that rely on cryptographic operations.
  • A client library to use Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) to synchronize device clocks with internet time
  • FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP AWS
    Thread safe FreeRTOS TCP/IP stack working on top of the FreeRTOS-Kernel to implement the TCP/IP protocol with LTS. Suitable for microcontrollers.
  • FreeRTOS_Cellular_Interface AWS
    library implements a simple unified API that hides the complexity of cellular modem-specific AT commands and exposes a socket-like interface to C programmer.
  • FreeRTOS LTS libraries that come with security updates and critical bug fixes to the included FreeRTOS kernel and IoT libraries for two years, and are maintained by AWS for the benefit of the FreeRTOS community.