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Infineon XMC4000 Series Device Support, Drivers and Examples

Change Log

Version 2.14.0: June 18, 2021

Download 2.14.0
      Update of XMCLib to v2.2.0
      Added XMCLib examples
      Added scatter files and modified startup files for ARM compilers. The stack and heap size is now configured in the scatter file
      ACTION required: Use provided scatter file overriding default generated one in project linker options by unselecting "Use Memory Layout from Target Dialog"
                       Then select the scatter file in the dropbox menu
      Removed --cpreproc due compilation isues with ARM6 compiler
      ACTION required: If compiling projects imported from DAVE using ARM5 use --cpreproc in Asm tab of project properties, Misc Controls.
      Added new boards XMC4400 Platform2Go kit, XMC4200 Platform2Go kit
      - Removed KSZ8081 and KSZ8031 drivers. Provided by ARM CMSIS Driver implementation
      - All: corrected compiler warnings, added interrupt priority setting in RTE
      - CAN:
      -- Added clock source selection
      - I2C:
      -- Added HDEL settings in RTE
      -- Fix BUS_CLEAR
      -- Enable digital filters on inputs
      -- Fix I2C_GetDataCount()
      -- I2C_MasterTransmit(), I2C_MasterReceive() added busy bus check
      - SPI:
      -- Fixed current mode identification
      - UART:
      -- Fix Receive functionality if FIFO enabled
      - USBD:
      -- Fix enumeration issue

Version 2.13.0: July 31, 2019

Download 2.13.0
      Updated CMSIS driver modules conditional compilation
      CAN driver remove lower baudrate restrictions
      CAN driver fix IRQ handler when more than one message object allocated per CAN node
      Update of XMC Lib to v2.1.24
      Added XMCLib examples

Version 2.12.1: July 17, 2019

Download 2.12.1
      Changed URL
      Note: The new PACK download address is https://www.infineon.com/cmsis_packs/

Version 2.12.0: June 4, 2019

Download 2.12.0
      Update of XMC Lib to v2.1.22
      Updated documentation
      Fix variable location of SystemCoreClock, g_hrpwm_char_data and g_chipid for ARMCC compiler
      Added XMC4800 IoT Connectivity Kit
      Fixed flash programming algorithms to avoid last page garbage from last programming
      Upgraded CMSIS-RTOS RTX IFX implementation to v4.82
      Note: The new PACK download address is https://github.com/Infineon/cmsis_packs/

Version 2.11.0: Oct. 22, 2018

Download 2.11.0
      Update of XMC Lib to v2.1.20
      Remove CMSIS RTOS dependency of CMSIS ETH_MAC Driver
      Fixes issues in SPI and UART drivers

Version 2.10.0: Dec. 20, 2017

Download 2.10.0
      Updated XMCLib to v2.1.18
      Improved CMSIS drivers compatibility with ARM v6 compiler
      Update system_4xxx.c to disable the FPU if not used
      Fixes for SPI and I2C CMSIS drivers

Version 2.9.1: Sept. 7, 2017

Download 2.9.1
      Fix POSIF compilation issue

Version 2.9.0: Aug. 7, 2017

Download 2.9.0
      Updated XMCLib to v2.1.16

Version 2.8.0: June 30, 2017

Download 2.8.0
      Updated Infineon CMSIS-CORE files
      Updated XMCLib to v2.1.16
      Changed ETH_MAC_PowerControl to improve bus accesss and mask off IPC_RECEIVE_INTERRUPT
      Fixed ETH_MAC_SendFrame allowing the parameter combination (frame = NULL, len = 0) used to discard the ethernet frame.
      Added ETH_PHY component
      Added XMC4800 Automation Board
      Added support for ARM Compiler 6 (armclang)

Version 2.7.1: Oct. 21, 2016

Download 2.7.1
      Fix: Remove spaces in Dnames
      Fix: Description of MCI, CAN and SAI drivers
      Fix: UART driver when sending a single byte and FIFO enabled
      Fix: Board support LED and BUTTON interface implementation

Version 2.7.0: Sept. 9, 2016

Download 2.7.0
      Update Infineon CMSIS-CORE files
      Update of XMC Lib to v2.1.8   
      Added MCI, CAN and I2S driver

Version 2.6.0: May 13, 2016

Download 2.6.0
      Infineon CMSIS-Core files
      Added conditions of selecting startup file for following devices:
            XMC4100, XMC4104, XMC4108, XMC4400, XMC4402, XMC4500, XMC4502, XMC4504,
       Update of XMC Lib to v2.1.6    
       Add support for GCC and IAR
       Add Quick Start Guide from Keil
       Add USB Host driver and example project  
     Update of RTE drivers
       Update of documents

Version 2.5.0: Feb. 19, 2016

Download 2.5.0
      Infineon CMSIS-Core files released 19. February 2016
      Added Devices: XMC4300-F100x256
      Update of XMC Lib to v2.1.4
      Fixed IRQ handler names for SPI, I2c and UART      
      Added Network component examples for XMC4500 Relax Kit
      Added Graphics component example for XMC4500 Application kit
    Added Board Support Pack (BSP) for XMC4500 Application Kit
    Changed "\" to "/" in path    
      Changed the server location to http://dave.infineon.com/Libraries/CMSIS_PACK

Version 2.4.0

Download 2.4.0
      Infineon CMSIS-Core files released 30. October 2015 
      Added Devices: XMC4700-E196x2048, XMC4700-F144x2048, XMC4700-F100x2048,
                     XMC4700-E196x1536, XMC4700-F144x1536, XMC4700-F100x1536
                     XMC4800-E196x2048, XMC4800-F144x2048, XMC4800-F100x2048,
                     XMC4800-E196x1536, XMC4800-F144x1536, XMC4800-F100x1536,
                     XMC4800-E196x1024, XMC4800-F144x1024, XMC4800-F100x1024,
      Update of XMC Lib to v2.1.2
      Updated of CMSIS files

Version 2.3.0

Download 2.3.0
      Infineon CMSIS-Core files released 24. July 2015
      Update of XMC Lib to v2.0
      Update of RTE driver            
      Added device: XMC4108-F64x64
      Add new conditions for RTE driver
      Add CMSIS driver example (I2C) and Middleware example (Virtual COM)

Version 2.2.0

Download 2.2.0
      Infineon CMSIS-Core files released 18. February 2015
      Update of Infineon CMSIS files (header, SVD, startup)
      Add new CMSIS drivers (UART, SPI and I2C)
      Add low level driver (LLD) package and example projects
      Add Board Support Pack (BSP)for XMC4500 Relax Lite Kit

Version 2.1.1

Download 2.1.1
      Infineon CMSIS-Core files released 11. December 2014
      Update of system_XMC4xxx.c files

Version 2.1.0

Download 2.1.0
      Infineon CMSIS-Core files released 08. December 2014
      Update of Infineon CMSIS files (header, SVD, startup)
      Update of documents
      Update of family name from XMC4000 Series to XMC4000
      Update of applicatiob board naming.
      Added device: XMC4108-F64x64

Version 2.0.1

Download 2.0.1
      Infineon CMSIS-Core files released 27. June 2014
      Update the value of Dfpu for Floating Point Unit (FPU) from 1 to FPU 
      Update the value of Dmpu for Memory Protection Unit (MPU) from 1 to MPU

Version 2.0.0

Download 2.0.0
      Infineon CMSIS-Core files released 16. June 2014
      Add the XMC4500 Relax Lite Kit
      Add USB driver and examples for XMC4500 Application Kit and Relax Lite kit 
      update the SVD files

Version 1.5.0

Download 1.5.0
      Infineon CMSIS-Core files released 25. April 2014
      Adjust the version number to Keil pack release
      Add the assembler preprocessor --cpreproc  
      Add compiler conditions for IAR and GCC

Version 1.0.2

Download 1.0.2
      Infineon CMSIS-Core files released 28. January 2014
      Changes: Complete names of derivative devices are listed to be consistent with DAVE3.

Version 1.0.1

Download 1.0.1
      Infineon CMSIS-Core files released 19. July 2013

Version 1.0.0

Download 1.0.0
      First Release version of XMC4000 Device Family Pack.