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Change Log

Version 1.3.4: July 15, 2022

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	  Updated the UART TTY examples in IAR to work with external terminal [EP-1144]
	  Added device specific interrupts to tle984x.h [EP-1159]
	  License update of tle984x.h [EP-1178]
	  Updated support for compiler for usage of c90 (default setting for new projects in Keil 5.37) [EP-1186]
	  Fixed ARMCC v6 Compiler warnings for SCU_EnterSleepMode(void) [EP-1210]
	  Config Wizard: Added ADC1 configurations to Config Wizard (CW2 only) [EP-1083]
	  Config Wizard: Added lock on MON5 wake up settings for devices that have no MON5 [EP-1093]
	  Config Wizard: Updated device usage, use 40MHz by default, if supported by the device [EP-1132]
	  Config Wizard: Optimized formulas and units in PLL calculations [EP-1175]
	  Config Wizard: Added link to MOTIX MCU forum [EP-1196]

Version 1.3.2: April 12, 2022

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	  Fixed support for ARMCC compiler v6 [EP-1010]
	  Changed clock pin in examples for SSC from P0.1 to P0.3 and now use 'strong driver and sharp edge' mode [EP-1116]
	  Added missing .ldf file in LIN example [EP-1025]
	  Updated pack folder structure
	  HS: Implemented work-around for wrong OT_STS after wake from Stop mode without reset (TLE984xQX Errata sheet v1.0) [EP-399]
	  PORT/SCU: Added initalization of port driver strength to PORT_Init function [EP-1091]
	  T2: Added option in config wizard to use internal LIN_RXD as external control input for timer2 [EP-1016]
	  WDT1: Fixed wrong declaration of global macro "One_us" [EP-1032]
	  Added correction for better MISRA compliance

Version 1.3.0: Jan. 10, 2022

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      Added IAR support [EP-713]
      Added support for ARMCC compiler v6 [EP-931]
      Updated the User Manual to the newest version v1.2 [EP-975]
      Added the new SVD compatible with the new User Manual [EP-915]
      ADC1: Updated formula for ADC1 clock in Config Wizard xml file [EP-258]
      ADC1: Removed typo for ADC1.IRQEN_1.MON3_IEN causing a Config Wizard error [EP-453]
      ADC1: Corrected typo for ADC1.CTRL2.CAL_EN[7] [EP-947]
      ADC1, ADC2: Corrected attenuator and reference voltage for the lower and upper thresholds in ADC1/ADC2, corrected formulas for the ADC2 temperature channels [EP-951]
      CCU6: Updated dead time calculation [EP-273]
      GPT12E: Corrected inconsistency for T5I between Config Wizard and User Manual [EP-205]
      LS: Added LS{1/2} overtemperature prewarn interrupt in Config Wizard and in isr.c [EP-970]
      SCU: Added fREF and fVCO calculations and added warnings in case of voltages out of range, updated default value for N divider [EP-400]
      SCU: Corrected switching to LP_CLK in functions SCU_ClkInit and SCU_EnterStopMode [EP-636]
      SCU: Used start conditions for frequency selection in the SCU tab of Config Wizard [EP-669]
      SCU: Updated sequence to enter the stop mode [EP-823]
      SCU: Cleared GPIO_WAKE_STS when entering stop mode [EP-826]
      SSC: Add 20 MHz option for the baudrate, added the strong driver feature in PORT to support it [EP-892]
      WDT1: Corrected function Delay_us in case the current systick value is 0 or the reload value [EP-769]
      UART: Locked U_TX_CONDIS to 1 if TXD1 UART sending is enabled, set LIN Trx Mode accordingly [EP-320]
      Corrected IROM settings for device TLE9843-2QX [EP-231]
      Fixed NACNAD error when using ARMCC v6 LTO [EP-843]
      Updated the disclaimer and header text [EP-334]
      Updated the pack to the MOTIX branding [EP-333, EP-933]      
      Removed redundant svd locations, updated pdsc file accordingly [EP-640]
      Improved example documentation and updated files layout according to template [EP-731]
      Updated minimal Config Wizard version to ensure correct lock on spinboxes [EP-866]
      Selected the correct flash files for the examples (TLE9844 instead of TLE9845) [EP-978]
      Corrected handling of ICER register in LIN examples [EP-971]

Version 1.2.0: May 14, 2019

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      Added compatibility with both versions of ConfigWizard
      Removed occurrences of register ADC1_STATUS
      SDK is MISRA 2012 compliant
      Added macro PORT_P2_1_get()
      Reworked SCU_EnterSlowMode and added parameter for prescaler
      Added range for functions UART1/2_BaudRate_Set
      Renamed ADC1_CHX_ESM to ADC1_CHx_ESM and ADC1_CHX_EIM to ADC1_CHx_EIM
      Removed function ADC1_SOOC_Set
      Updated CCU6_SetT13Compare function
      Changed return value of function SCU_ChangeNVMProtection from int32_t to sint32_t 
      Removed UART1_Send_HEX, UART1_Send_DEC, UART1_Send_String,UART2_Send_HEX, UART2_Send_DEC, and UART2_Send_String
      Updated Delay_us function to allow delay times of more than 999us

Version 1.1.1: July 5, 2018

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      Bug fixes on uart.c/.h, VDDEXT interrupt, external interrupts, CCU6 trap interrupt, T6 output pin configuration and T21 counter input selection

Version 1.1.0: Jan. 10, 2018

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      Interrupt structure improved
      PMU added to minimum configuration
      Project structure changed to local files
      Bug fixes

Version 1.0.0: July 1, 2016

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      TLE984x Device Family Pack.