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Microchip SAMG Series Device Support

Change Log

Version 3.8.197: May 31, 2023

Download 3.8.197
        - Updated MPLAB XC32 content to correctly describe #pragma config. Requires MPLAB XC32 >= 4.10.
        - Updated debug and programming py scripts.

Version 3.7.83: April 11, 2022

Download 3.7.83
Added XT32KFME and XT32KERR bitfields for PMC registers.

Version 3.6.78: March 17, 2022

Download 3.6.78
        - Headers minor version increased to v2.1.0.
        - Changed integer constant literal macros from _Ux_ to _UNITxx_ (where xx is 32, 16 or 8) (MISRA C2012:R12.2).

Version 3.5.65: Sept. 8, 2021

Download 3.5.65
        - DEVXML-3924 Added PDC registers for right channel to the I2SC module.
        - DEVXML-3850 Added parameterized memory sizes to gcc linker scripts.
        - DEVXML-3625 Added _on_reset and _on_bootstrap hooks to gcc startup code.
        - DEVXML-3466 Added header macros for FUSES.
        MPLABX debug scripts update.

Version 3.4.57: Jan. 26, 2021

Download 3.4.57
Fix issues with reset peripherals by RSTC. MPLABX debug scripts update. Added instance headers. Change prefixing of registers in SVD file.

Version 3.3.42: April 29, 2020

Download 3.3.42
Updated MPLAB X debug scripts. Setup prerequisite for MPLAB v5.40 or newer

Version 3.2.38: Feb. 12, 2020

Download 3.2.38
Updated USART module description for both USART and SPI modes. Updated timer TC and SUPC modules. Updated XC32 content. Updated MPLAB X debug scripts.

Version 3.1.27: Oct. 7, 2019

Download 3.1.27
Fix TC0 and TC1 handlers for CH0, CH1 and CH2. Use generated startup and system code for ARMCC. Added XC32 content.

Version 3.0.9: April 4, 2019

Download 3.0.9
Succeeds Atmel.SAMG_DFP 2.1.97. Added programming/debugging support in MPLAB X. Legacy headers removed.