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Microchip SAMDA1 Series Device Support

Change Log

Version 1.1.3: Sept. 4, 2023

Download 1.1.3
	   This Software Pack is no longer maintained.
	   url uses https.

Version 1.1.2: Oct. 21, 2020

Download 1.1.2
       This pack is going to be deprecated. Device Support is maintained by Microchip going forward.
       Please remove this pack and install the following pack:
       - Microchip.SAMDA1_DFP.2.3.56.atpack

Version 1.1.1: May 15, 2018

Download 1.1.1
       Updated device vendor from Atmel to Microchip.

Version 1.1.0: July 17, 2017

Download 1.1.0
       Adding rev B devices.
       Updated to align with Atmel PDSC format and folder structure.

Version 1.0.0: April 15, 2015

Download 1.0.0
      Initial Release Version of SAM DA1 Device Family Pack (supporting SAMDA1).