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Microchip SAMD09 Series Device Support

Change Log

Version 2.5.147: March 17, 2022

Download 2.5.147
        - Hold in reset supported for J32 probes.
        - Included fuse description (component\fuses.h).
        - Support for board file.
        - Headers minor version increased to v2.1.0.
        - Changed integer constant literal macros from _Ux_ to _UNITxx_ (where xx is 32, 16 or 8) (MISRA C2012:R12.2).

Version 2.4.129: Feb. 8, 2021

Download 2.4.129
Added read device ID and security bit programming for MPLAB X. Added instance headers.

Version 2.3.113: April 28, 2020

Download 2.3.113
Updated MPLAB X debug scripts.

Version 2.2.110: Feb. 12, 2020

Download 2.2.110
Updated XOSC32K startup time value-group for OSC32KCTRL module. Added value-groups for SERCOM module. Updated XC32 content. Updated MPLAB X debug scripts.

Version 2.1.100: Oct. 8, 2019

Download 2.1.100
Added XC32 content. Updated fuse enums. Update description of SERCOM and SYSCTRL. Updated programming and debugging scripts.

Version 2.0.10: April 11, 2019

Download 2.0.10
Succeeds Atmel.SAMD09_DFP 1.1.76. Added programming/debugging support in MPLAB X.