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Microchip SAMV7 Series Device Support

Change Log

Version 2.4.3: Sept. 4, 2023

Download 2.4.3
	   This Software Pack is no longer maintained.
	   url uses https.

Version 2.4.2: June 7, 2019

Download 2.4.2
       This pack is no longer maintained by Arm. Microchip maintains the Atmel.SAMV70_DFP and Atmel.SAMV71_DFP packs going forward.

Version 2.4.1: May 7, 2018

Download 2.4.1
      Updated device vendor from Atmel to Microchip.
      Updated PLL frequency to avoid exceeding the maximum value defined in the datasheet
      Updated system file with corrected SystemCoreClock initial value to value set by SystemInit function

Version 2.4.0: Oct. 2, 2017

Download 2.4.0
      Added support for revision B devices.

Version 2.3.1: Nov. 21, 2016

Download 2.3.1
      Fixed SPI and QSPI RDR registers in SVD files.

Version 2.3.0: April 14, 2016

Download 2.3.0
      Added debug description for automated trace configuration setup.

Version 2.2.0: Oct. 9, 2015

Download 2.2.0
      Requires Keil.SAM-ESV7_SFP Version 2.2.0 (now providing the HAL and CMSIS Driver for the devices)
      Updated pack with content from Atmel's SAMV70_DFP Version 1.0.25 and SAMV71_DFP Version 1.0.19.
      - updated device hierarchy family and subfamily names and directory structure
      CMSIS-Driver Updates:
      - all drivers have been moved into Keil.SAM-ESV7_SFP Pack
      Moved Middleware examples to Keil.SAM-ESV7_SFP Pack

Version 2.0.0: July 22, 2015

Download 2.0.0
      Added CMSIS-Driver:
      - Ethernet, USART, I2C, USB Device, MCI, Ethernet, SPI
      Updated board features, added Middleware examples and documentation.
      Integrated the Chip Library from the SAMV71 Xplained Ultra Software Package Version 1.3

Version 1.0.0: Jan. 28, 2015

Download 1.0.0
      Initial Version of SAM V Device Family Pack.