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Change Log

Version 1.2.0: Dec. 11, 2023

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      Board Examples:
      - Updated pack to align with NXP.LPC54114_DFP v13.0.0 pack.
      - Updated emWin examples.
      - Updated linker script files (LTO).
      - Startup and system files generated by NXP.LPC54114_DFP.
      - Updated config files to CMSIS 5.9.0.
      - I2C: Replaced empty delay loops with _NOP().
      - I2C: Updated I2Cx_GetDataCount (Returned -1 when Slave is not addressed by Master).

Version 1.1.0: Feb. 10, 2020

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      NXP.LPC54114_DFP v12.1.0 required.
      Updated examples:
      - use Arm Compiler 6.
      - moved to debug and release targets.
      - Segger emWin version 5.50.
      - fixed Audio_DMIC, Audio_WM8904 driver.
      - USB Device VirtualCOM port example includes new MS windows driver catalog file.

Version 1.0.0: May 2, 2019

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      Initial Release of MCB54110_BSP containing examples from deprecated Keil.LPC54000_DFP ported to using NXP.LPC54114_DFP and CMSIS-Driver based on LPCOpen.