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Change Log

Version 1.5.1: Sept. 3, 2023

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      This Software Pack is no longer maintained. Please contact the device vendor (NXP) for support.

Version 1.5.0: Feb. 17, 2017

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      Reworked K60_DFP.
      - changed vendor to NXP.
      - updated documentation.
      - Updated boards description.
      Updated device header files: added ARM Clang 6 directives for handling anonymous unions
      Added SVD files from Kinetis SDK for more peripheral visibility
      Added Board description Keil MCBTWRK60, replicated example

Version 1.4.0: June 3, 2015

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      Updated MK65F18, MK66F18 device support and documentation.

Version 1.3.0: Jan. 12, 2015

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      CMSIS-Core files updated for MK65F18 and MK66F18 device support

Version 1.2.0: Sept. 4, 2014

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      CMSIS-Core files updated for MK63F12 and MK64F12 devices

Version 1.1.0

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      Added FRDM-K64F development board examples
      Added TWR-K64F120M development board examples

Version 1.0.2

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      Added TWR-K60D100M development boards

Version 1.0.1

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      New devices: MK63FN1M0xxx12, MK64FN1M0xxx12, MK64FX512xxx12

Version 1.0.0

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      First Release version of K60 Device Family Pack.