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Change Log

Version 1.0.1

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      Add enable and disable primask instruction in EraseChip(), EraseSector() and ProgramPage() in "flash.c".
      Fix the protect instruction in EraseChip(), EraseSector() and ProgramPage() in "flash.c".

Version 1.0.0

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      Release version

Version 0.2.1

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      Change DataFlash Programming Algorithm (delete EraseChip function)

Version 0.2.0

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      Add BAT32G135-S

Version 0.1.9

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      Add DataFlash Programming Algorithm 
      Add VBGR A/D conversion value 
      Change system_BAT32G135.c to compatible with AC5 and AC6
      Change the name and address of TSCDR1 and TSCDR2
        TSCDR1 --> TSN25, TSCDR2 --> TSN85

Version 0.1.8

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    ¦ Change the Dvendor with Keil official assigned code
      Change the vendor from CMS to Cmsemicon

Version 0.1.7

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      Fix the function of PORT_SetBit and PORT_CLrBit

Version 0.1.6

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      modify the UART1_Stop function
      delete NVIC_EnableIRQ and add NVIC_ClearPendingIRQ

Version 0.1.5

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      Modify BAT32G135GE.FLM

Version 0.1.4

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      Add DMAIFx registers defination in BAT32G135.h
      Modify gpio.c and gpio.h
      Add spiNorFlash Example

Version 0.1.3

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      Modify the functions of sci.c and sci_user.c
      Add spi11MasterSendReceive, spi00SlaveSendReceive, spi11NorFlash Examples

Version 0.1.2

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      Add UID defination in SVD and BAT32G135.h 
      SCKI00PCFG --> SCLKI00PCFG in SVD and BAT32G135.h 
      SCKI20PCFG --> SCLKI20PCFG in SVD and BAT32G135.h 
      Defination each function of UART0/SPI00/SPI01/IIC00/IIC01
      Defination each function of UART1/SPI10/SPI11/IIC10/IIC11
      Defination each function of UART2/SPI20/SPI21/IIC20/IIC21

Version 0.1.1

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      Add selection of fIL as system clock in clk.c

Version 0.1.0

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      Initial Version