• Core


  • Device


The i.MX RT1064 EVK is a 4-layer through-hole USB-powered PCB. At its heart lies the i.MX RT1064 crossover MCU, featuring NXP’s advanced implementation of the Arm Cortex-M7 core. This core operates at speeds up to 600 MHz to provide high CPU performance and excellent real-time response.

  • Core Components
    Device MIMXRT1064xxxxA
    Compatible Devices MIMXRT106x
  • Debug
    OpenSDA Includes an open-source hardware design, an open-source DAPLink bootloader, and debug CMSIS-DAP interface software
  • On-Chip Memory
    RAM 512 KB SRAM
    ROM 4 MB Flash
  • On-board Memory
    Flash 64 MB SPI Flash
    Flash 512 MB Hyper Flash
    RAM 256 MB SDRAM
  • Connectors
    Secure Digital TF socket for SD card
    Expansion Arduino header
    USB Micro USB host and OTG connectors
    Ethernet 10/100M connector
    CAN CAN Transceiver
    Audio Stereo audio codec with 4-pole audio headphone jack
    Audio External speaker connection
  • Connector
    LCD Parallel LCD connector
    Camera Camera connector
  • LED One RGB LED and one red LED controlled by GPIO
  • Input
    Microphone Microphone