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Texas Instruments
  • Core

    Cortex-M4, 48 MHz

  • Family

    MSP432P4xx Series

  • Sub-Family


  • CMSIS Pack


The SimpleLink(TM) MSP432P4xx microcontrollers (MCUs) are optimized wireless host MCUs with an integrated 14-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) capable of up to 16 ENOB delivering ultra-low-power performance including 80 µA/MHz in active power and 660 nA in standby power with FPU and DSP extensions.
As an optimized wireless host MCU, the MSP432P4xx allows developers to add high-precision analog and memory extension to applications based on SimpleLink wireless connectivity solutions.
More information on MSP432 MCUs at http://www.ti.com/msp432.

  • Features



  • Memory

    IRAM1 128 KiB
    IRAM2 128 KiB
    IROM1 512 KiB
    IROM2 32 KiB