1. Devices
  2. STM32L4 Series
  3. STM32L412
  4. STM32L412CBTxP


  • Core

    Cortex-M4, 80 MHz

  • Family

    STM32L4 Series

  • Sub-Family


  • CMSIS Pack


ST has built a new architecture to reach best-in-class ultra-low-power figures thanks to its high flexibility.
STM32L4 MCUs have scored 176.7 in the standardized EEMBC ULPBench tests that compare the efficiency of ultra-low-power microcontrollers.
Moreover, the STM32L4 series shatters performance limits in the ultra-low-power world.
It delivers 100 DMIPS based on its ARM Cortex-M4 core with FPU and ST ART Accelerator at 80 MHz.
STM32L4 microcontrollers offer dynamic voltage scaling to balance power consumption with processing demand, low-power peripherals (LP UART, LP timers) available in Stop mode, safety and security features, smart and numerous peripherals, advanced and low-power analog peripherals such as op amps, comparators, LCD, 12-bit DACs and 16-bit ADCs (hardware oversampling).




Maximum Clock Frequency 80 MHz
Memory Protection Unit MPU
Floating Point Unit SP_FPU
Trust Zone
Digital Signal Processor DSP
CortexM Vector Extensions
Endian Little-endian