1. Devices
  2. RA2A1 Series
  3. RA2A1_256K
  4. R7FA2A1AB


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  • Core

    Cortex-M23, 48 MHz

  • Family

    RA2A1 Series

  • Sub-Family


The RA2A1 Group of microcontrollers (MCUs) uses a high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M23 core and offers highly integrated, high-accuracy analog capabilities.
This group of ICs offers a complete MCU with analog solution for signal conditioning and measurement.
The RA2A1 Group supports a wide operating voltage range of 1.6V to 5.5V. It includes a 16-bit SAR ADC, 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC, comparators, operational amplifiers, and DACs.

The RA2A1 MCU targets cost sensitive and low power industrial sensor applications where high resolution analog will become a cost benefit.


- Industrial automation (photoelectric sensor, fiber sensor, temperature sensor)
- Building automation/home appliance (smoke detector)
- Healthcare (pulse oximeters, body composition measurement)
- General purpose




Maximum Clock Frequency 48 MHz
Memory Protection Unit MPU
Floating Point Unit NO_FPU
Trust Zone
Digital Signal Processor NO_DSP
CortexM Vector Extensions
Endian Little-endian