1. Devices
  2. S32K Series
  3. S32K14x
  4. S32K148HJxxxLUx


  • Core

    Cortex-M4, 80 MHz

  • Family

    S32K Series

  • Sub-Family


  • CMSIS Pack


The NXP S32K product series of 32-bit automotive microcontrollers provides a highly integrated, low-power, safe and secure single-chip solution.
The combination of fast CPU with flexible low-power modes and the low-leakage technology process will not force any compromises on performance relative to low-power.
Our combined Cortex® M0+ and M4-based automotive MCU offerings span a broad memory space and include package options from 8 K to 2 MByte with 16 to 176 pins initially.
The ARM® Cortex M4 core architecture includes an IEEE-754 compliant single precision Floating Point Unit (FPU) with DSP functions unleashing the full potential of model-based design flows.




Maximum Clock Frequency 80 MHz
Memory Protection Unit NO_MPU
Floating Point Unit SP_FPU
Trust Zone
Digital Signal Processor
CortexM Vector Extensions
Endian Little-endian