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The Kinetis K1x MCU family consists of general-purpose MCUs with a variety of memory and integration options.
Devices start from 32 KB of flash in a small footprint of 5x5 mm 32 QFN package extending up to 1 MB in a 144 MAPBGA package with an optional rich suite of analog, communication, timing and control peripherals.
Additionally, its pin compatibility, flexible low-power capabilities and innovative FlexMemory help to solve many of the major pain points for embedded designers.
Next-generation Kinetis K1x MCUs are further optimized for performance and power consumption and offer more streamlined integration for further BOM cost reductions.

  • Features



  • Memory

    IRAM1 8 KiB
    IRAM2 8 KiB
    IROM1 64 KiB
    IROM2 32 KiB