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    i.MX RT1050

The i.MX RT1050 processors feature NXP's advanced implementation of the
ARM®Cortex®-M7 core.The i.MX RT1050 processors are NXP's latest additions to a growing family of real-time
processing products offering high-performance processing optimized for lowest power
consumption and best real-time response.
- ARM Cortex-M7 processor, 500MHz (OD 600MHz), 32KB I-Cache, 32KB D-Cache, up to 512KB TCM
- 512KB on-chip SRAM shared with TCM
- 8/16-bit SDRAM controller
- 8/16-bit Parallel NOR FLASH, Dual-channel Quad-SPI NOR FLASH
- Parallel LCD Display up to WVGA (800x480)
- 8/16-bit Parallel Camera Sensor Interface
- MMC 5.0/SD 3.0/SDIO Port
- USB 2.0 OTG, HS/FS, Device or Host with PHY
- 10/100 Ethernet with IEEE 1588
- 12-bit ADC, ACMP, Quad-timer, FlexPWM, TRNG, Crypto

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