1. Devices
  2. NuMicro M0 Family
  3. NUC123
  4. NUC123ZC2AN1


  • Core

    Cortex-M0, 72 MHz

  • Family

    NuMicro M0 Family

  • Sub-Family


  • CMSIS Pack


The NuMicro NUC123 series 32-bit microcontrollers are embedded with Cortex-M0 core running up to 72 MHz, up to 36K/68K-byte embedded flash,
12K/20K-byte embedded SRAM, and 4K-byte loader ROM for the ISP. It also integrates Timers, Watchdog Timer, Windowed Watchdog Timer, PDMA with CRC calculation unit,
UART, SPI/MICROWIRE, I2C, I2S, PWM Timer, GPIO, PS/2, USB 2.0 FS Device, 10-bit ADC, Low Voltage Reset Controller and Brown-out Detector.

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