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The Microchip SAM L11 family of microcontrollers is based on the Arm® Cortex®-M23 core, featuring Arm TrustZone® technology for ARMv8M, a programmable environment that provides hardware isolation between certified libraries, IP and application code.

In addition to TrustZone, the SAML11 security features include an on-board cryptographic module supporting Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Galois Counter Mode (GCM) and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA). The secure boot and secure key storage with tamper detection capabilities establish hardware root of trust. It also offers secure bootloader for secure firmware upgrades.

SAML11 is ultra-low power and offers latest generation Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) for capacitive touch capabilities. The PTC adds Driven Shield Plus to provide superior water tolerance and excellent noise immunity enabling elegant touch interfaces. The SAML10/L11 family is ideal for a myriad of IoT and security, automotive, appliance, medical and consumer applications whether hardwired or battery powered.




Maximum Clock Frequency
Memory Protection Unit MPU
Floating Point Unit NO_FPU
Trust Zone TZ
Digital Signal Processor
CortexM Vector Extensions
Endian Little-endian