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GD32E230 - ARM Cortex-M23 Core
Frequency up to 72 MHz
Single-cycle multiplier and hardware divider
NVIC support 16 internal, 28 external interrupts, each has 4 priority levels

Flash size from 16KB to 64 KB
SRAM size from 4KB to 8 KB with HW parity checking
3KB ISP loader ROM
1KB OTP byte

Low power management
Power saving mode: sleep, deep-sleep, standby mode
Independent battery supply for real-calendar RTC and backup register

Advanced analog peripherals
1 x 12bit, 1us ADC (up to 10 chs)

Integrated peripherals interface
Up to 2 x USART/UART/Irda/LIN/ISO7816
Up to 2 x SPI (18Mbit/s)
Up to 2 x I2C (400Kbit/s)

On-chip resources
1 x 16 bit Advanced Timer, 1 x SysTick Timer, 5 x 16 bit GPTM, 1x 16bit basic Timer, 2 x WDG
5-chs DMA support: Timers, ADC, SPIs, I2Cs, USARTs
System supervisor and reset: POR,PDR,LVD
80% GPIO available
32-bit CRC, 96-bit unique ID
On-chip clock: HSI (8MHz), LSI (40KHz)

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  • Memory

    IRAM1 8 KiB
    IROM1 64 KiB