1. Devices
  2. FM4 Series
  3. S6E2C3
  4. S6E2C3AL0A


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  • Core

    Cortex-M4, 200 MHz

  • Family

    FM4 Series

  • Sub-Family


The FM4 family of 32-bit, general-purpose MCUs covers the highest end of the product range.
Based on the ARM Cortex-M4F processor core, the family features DSP and Floating Point Unit (FPU) functions.
These MCUs are designed for applications that require advanced, high-speed computing performance such as general-purpose inverters, servomotors, factory automation, PLCs and other industrial equipment, as well as medical and surveillance products, and inverter-based home appliances such as washing machines and air conditioners.

  • Features



  • Memory

    IRAM1 192 KiB
    IRAM2 64 KiB
    IROM1 2 MiB
    IROM2 40 KiB