1. Devices
  2. ARM Cortex M55
  3. ARMCM55


  • Core

    Cortex-M55, 10 MHz

  • Family

    ARM Cortex M55

  • CMSIS Pack


The Cortex-M55 processor is a fully synthesizeable mid-range processor that is designed for the microcontroller market.
The processor offers high compute performance across both scalar and vector operations with low power consumption, fast interrupt handling, and optional enhanced system debug with extensive breakpoint and trace capabilities.
Other significant benefits to developers include:
- Efficient processor core, system, and memories
- Instruction set extension for Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Machine Learning applications
- Ultra-low power consumption with integrated sleep modes
- Platform robustness with optional integrated memory protection
- Extended security features with optional Security Extension
- Extended vector processing functionality with optional Armv8.1-M M-profile Vector Extension (MVE). Armv8.1-M MVE is also referred to as Arm Helium technology.
- Support for Custom Datapath Extension (CDE), which adds classes of Arm Custom Instructions (ACIs) in the coprocessor instruction space.

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