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Alif Semiconductor
  • Cores

    Cortex-M55, 160 MHz

    Cortex-M55, 400 MHz

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  • CMSIS Pack


The Alif Semiconductor Ensemble family of Microcontrollers and Fusion processors are built on the latest generation embedded processing technology that scale from single Arm® Cortex-M55 MCUs to a new class of multi-core devices — fusion processors — that blend up to two Cortex-M55 MCU cores, up to two Cortex-A32 microprocessors (MPU) cores capable of running high-level operating systems, and up to two Arm Ethos-U55 microNPUs for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) acceleration. Ensemble family devices contain an advanced secure enclave that provides multiple layers of security, such as device integrity protection, secure identity and strong root-of-trust, secure lifecycle management, large on-chip SRAM and nonvolatile memory, accelerated graphics, imaging, and class-leading power characteristics.

  • Features



  • Memory

    MRAM 5.5 MiB
    SRAM0 4 MiB
    SRAM1 2.5 MiB
    SRAM2 256 KiB
    SRAM3 1 MiB
    SRAM4 256 KiB
    SRAM5 256 KiB
    SRAM6_A 1 MiB
    SRAM6_B 1 MiB
    SRAM7 512 KiB
    SRAM8 2 MiB
    SRAM9 768 KiB