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The discovery kit enables a wide range of use cases taking advantage of premium graphics, audio, multi-sensor support, WVGA color display, security, memory extension and connectivity features. An embedded ST-LINK/V2-1 debugger/programmer is included; specialized add-on boards can be connected thanks to the Arduino™ UNO or to the expansion connectors.

Board pinout

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Getting started

ST-LINK driver installation and firmware upgrade

  1. Download the latest ST-LINK driver.
  2. Extract the archive and run dpinst_amd64.exe. Follow the displayed instructions.
  3. Download the latest ST-LINK firmware upgrade.
  4. Extract the archive and run the STLinkUpgrade.exe program.
  5. Connect the board to your PC using a USB cable and wait until the USB enumeration is completed.
  6. In the ST-Link Upgrade program, press the Device Connect button.
  7. When the ST-LINK driver is correctly installed, the current ST-LINK version is displayed.
  8. Press the Yes >>>> button to start the firmware upgrade process.

Technical reference