• Core



  • Debug probe


  • Device


The FRDM-K32L3A6 development board consists of the K32L3A6 device with a 32-Mbit external serial flash, FXOS8700 accelerometer/magnetometer, visible light sensor, SDHC circuit, general purpose LEDs, and general purpose push buttons in the popular Freedom board form-factor.

  • Core Components
    Device K32L3A60VPJ1A
    Compatible Devices K32L3
    Power Supply Four selectable power sources including USB connector
    Power Measurement Jumpers and trace cuts enable accurate core current measurements
  • Debug
    OpenSDA Includes an open-source hardware design, an open-source DAPLink bootloader, and debug CMSIS-DAP interface software
  • On-Chip Memory
    RAM 384 KB SRAM
    ROM 1.25 MB Flash
  • On-board Memory
    Flash 4 MB SPI Flash
  • Connectors
    Secure Digital SDHC Slot available
    Expansion Arduino header
    USB Full-speed USB module with device capability and built-in transceiver
  • Sensors
    Combo Sensor Six-axis accelerometer with integrated magnetometer
    Light Sensor Phototransistor connected to the ADC input channel for evaluating the ADC
  • Other
    LED One RGB LED and one red LED controlled by GPIO
  • Control
    Push-buttons Four user controllable push-buttons