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The S32K3X4EVB-Q172 is an evaluation and development board for general purpose industrial and automotive applications.

Based on the 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M7 S32K3 MCU in a 172 MaxQFP package, the S32K3X4EVB-Q172 offers dual cores configured in lockstep mode, ASIL D safety hardware, HSE security engine, OTA support, advanced connectivity and low power.

The S32K3X4EVB-Q172 offers a standard-based form factor compatible with the Arduino® UNO pin layout, providing a broad range of expansion board options for quick application prototyping and demonstration.


Hardware User Manual


This board support pack contains a CMSIS-Driver for the VIO interface. This is a virtual I/O abstraction for peripherals that are typically used in example projects. The Blinky example uses this interface to create a blinking light with the USER LED mounted on the board that can be controlled by the USER BUTTON (SW8).

Virtual Resource Variable Physical Resource on S32K3X4EVB-Q172
vioBUTTON0 vioSignalIn.0 PTB19 (SW6, USER_SW1)
vioBUTTON1 vioSignalIn.1 PTB26 (SW5, USER_SW0 disabled)
vioLED0 vioSignalOut.0 PTA29 (RGBLED0_RED)
vioLED1 vioSignalOut.1 PTA30 (RGBLED0_GREEN)
vioLED2 vioSignalOut.2 PTA31 (RGBLED0_BLUE)

Refer to the schematics for board connection information.