1. Hardware
  2. FRDM-KW41Z


Rev. A
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FRDM-KW40Z: NXP Freedom Development Platform for Kinetis KW40Z/30Z/20Z.

  • Debug Interfaces
    JTAG/SW 10 pin Cortex debug (0.05 inch connector)
    JTAG/SW SDA 10 pin Cortex debug (0.05 inch connector)
  • Debug
    Integrated Debug Adaptor 1 x Onboard open-standard serial and debug adaptor (OpenSDA)
  • Power
    Power Supply 5 V - 0 V USB Powered
    Battery 1 x Battery
  • Connectors
    USB 1 x Micro USB type B connector
    Diode 1 x Diode Transceiver
  • Controls
    Push-buttons 3 2x user, Reset
    Push-buttons 2 2x capacitive touch
  • Display
    LEDs 4 x 1x RGB, 1x red, SDA, Power
  • Form factor
    Arduino Formfactor Form factor compatible with Arduino