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  • Core


  • Debug interface


  • Device


Microchip SAM3N Evaluation Kit

  • Debug Interfaces
    JTAG/SW 20 pin JTAG (0.1 inch connector)
  • Other
    Crystal Oscillator 32.77 KHz Crystal Oscillator
    Crystal Oscillator 12 MHz Crystal Oscillator
  • Power
    Power Supply 5 V - 0 V External Power
  • Memory
    Memory 4.19 Mbyte 32-Megabit Serial DataFlash
    SD/microSD/MMC Card Holder 1 x Micro SD
  • Controls
    Push-buttons 3 Push-buttons: User Left and Right, Reset
  • Connectors
    Other Connector Type 1 x 2x32 bit PIO connection interfaces (PIOA, PIOC), 1x15 bit PIO connection interface (PIOB)
    Other Connector Type 3 x QTouch-buttons: Left, Right, Slider
    Other Connector Type 1 x ZigBee connector
    RS232 1 x UART port with level shifter IC
  • Display
    LEDs 3 x User LEDs
    LCD 1 x 160 x 128 OLED Display