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REV 3.0

The MAX32660 evaluation kit provides a compact development platform that provides access to all the features of the MAX32660 in a tiny, easy to use board. The form factor is a small 0.6in by 0.9in dual-row header footprint that is compatible with breadboards. The board includes a 10-pin Arm Cortex debug connector so that it can be used with a DAPLink adapter. Additionally, a red LED indicator and a pushbutton are on board. This board provides a powerful processing subsystem in a very small space that can be easily integrated into a variety of applications.

  • Debug Interfaces
    JTAG/SW 10-pin Cortex Debug Connector (0.05 inch connector)
  • Power
    Power Supply 1.71 V - 3.63 V Power Supply
    Power Supply 0.81 V - 1.21 V Power Supply
  • I/O
    Digital I/Os 14 x Up to 14 GPIO muxed with alternate functions available on DIP
  • Connectors
    SPI 2 x Up to 2 SPI Master/Slave
    I2C 2 x Up to 2 x I2C Master/Slave
    RS232 2 x Up to 2 UARTs
  • Display
    LEDs 1 x User LED
  • Other
    Crystal Oscillator 96 MHz Crystal Oscillator